How To Stay Vacay Fit

When you’re on vacay, it can be hard to stay healthy when you’re surrounded with good food, drinks, friends and sunshine. And for some reason a cocktail (or five) by the pool just works, right? 

Some of you may have been following me on my awesome Bali vacay, so I thought I’d share my top tips on how to stay fit when you’re on vacation.

Establish a fitness routine before you go away.

This might seem like a lot of preparation, but establishing healthy habits before you travel will help ensure you keep up with your fitness while away. Because not working out will feel odd.

Generally speaking, I workout about 5 times a week. This will mostly be weight sessions, but can also include pilates, yoga and the odd run on the treadmill. For me, not working out feels strange. So while away this time, I was up at 6am (partly due to the time difference) and at the gym getting my morning workout in. And it felt great! I managed to keep up my 5 workouts a week and it really helped me feel healthy in my body and mind, especially knowing that I would be indulging in foods and drinks that I normally wouldn’t.

Eat and drink in moderation.

Pina coladas, espresso martinis, vodka lime sodas. I LOVED indulging in all the awesome tropical cocktails and drinks while away BUT not being a big drinker normally – it didn’t make me feel great a few days later. And I don’t mean hungover. I mean my body felt sluggish and inflamed, which is what happens when you consume excess refined sugars and carbs.

So for me, once I got those signals from my body I slowed way down on the alcohol intake. I felt much better and my body definitely felt cleaner and leaner.

This might not be the case for you and you may have a higher tolerance for alcohol than I do, but you can still eat and drink in moderation. If you want to blow it out one day or two on your vacay, that’s absolutely fine! There’s a freedom in being able to eat what you want, when you want without question. Keep in mind that if you want to stay vacay fit, you’ll want to be mindful about what you’re putting into your body, indulging in moderation.

Just move.

It’s so easy to become sedentary on holidays. Because let’s face it, sometimes you just wanna chill out and relax. This is again completely fine! I will encourage you to just move when you can. That might mean taking a walk around the local neighbourhood or town to check out the sights, going for a beach walk or taking a hike. There’s plenty of physical activities you can do that don’t even seem like exercise. Try and incorporate some of these into your vacay to keep your body moving!

Going on holidays is always an exciting time. It can mean exploring new countries, relaxing by the pool or beach and having adventures with friends. Remember that you can do all of these things AND treat your body well. I hope you find these tips helpful.

Much love,

Rachel x

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About the author : Rachel Huxtable

Rachel was named a “health guru” by The New Daily, and is a pilates trainer and health and fitness expert. She has been featured in the Australian Swimsuit Calendar, Pumped Up Down Under, Lynx Swimsuit Calendars, Peppermint Magazine, Gabby Bernstein’s, The New Daily, Tiny Buddha, Your Zen Life and more. Her uplifting approach to health and fitness has inspired women around the world to eat better, move better and feel better.

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