Soul Food That Will Change Your Life

Health and happiness doesn’t just mean working out and eating well. We want to make sure we’re practising healthy mindful habits to feed our souls too.

I’m a big fan of habits.


Because habits are the foundation on which we live our lives. It might not seem obvious, but those things you do automatically drive your life, whether that’s in a positive or negative direction. Sometimes, we’re not aware of the habits that actually slow us down and keep us from living our best lives. But that can all be changed! When we instil new positive practices we can replace those old negative habits that are dragging us down.

Here are a few of soulful practices that have helped me elevate my life to where it is now. These practices help me feel empowered and deliriously happy about my life. I feel that I’m living on purpose and the reason why I’m here is so much bigger than just me.

So here they are lovelies.


Oh how I love a good mediation session in the morning. Every morning when I wake up, I mediate for at least 30 minutes. Generally, it’s with a guided meditation track. This is my favourite way to meditate at the moment. I get to focus on a centering thought that will help me start my day in a positive mind frame. I also love me a good visualization track. My imagination is super active and so I love to be able to have some time to focus my attention on calming and blissful thoughts and images. This really helps me centre myself for the day!

There are plenty of different meditation techniques and I suggest just trying a whole bunch to figure out what works for you. I’ve done Buddhist chanting, spiritual writing (where I would wake and write at 3am), mindfulness meditation and more.

Practice yoga.

I’ve been practising yoga for several years now. One of the things I love about the practice is that it is a treat for the body and mind. Whilst focusing on the asana practice (poses), your mind is also focused on breath which helps to connect mind and body together in a beautiful practice. My personal favourite is power or vinyasa yoga. It’s a dynamic practice that is constantly moving and often performed in a hot studio.

Practice gratitude.

This is one of the most important practices that I’ve adopted. I went through a period of time when I wrote in a gratitude journal everyday, noting everything in my life that I was grateful for. Then things changed, my life changed direction and I fell out of the practice. I started to notice that life seemed a bit dimmer. Things didn’t seem so rosy. And as soon as I realised that it was my practice of gratitude that had changed things, I started again.

Now, if I don’t have time to write in my journal, before bed my hubby and I will share 3 things we are grateful for with each other. It’s amazing what this does to your not only your emotions but your physiology. We are sometimes brought to tears by how grateful we are for the things we have in our lives. TRY IT!

Although they don’t seem like big things, taking even 5 minutes out of your day to do each of these mindful practices will greatly enhance not only your outlook on your life but it will lift your vibes. You will be one of those amazingly happy, peaceful and positive people that others are drawn to. Try them out and let me know how they change your life.

You will never change your life until you change something daily. ~ John C. Maxwell

Till next week lovely, namaste.

Rachel X

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About the author : Rachel Huxtable

Rachel was named a “health guru” by The New Daily, and is a pilates trainer and health and fitness expert. She has been featured in the Australian Swimsuit Calendar, Pumped Up Down Under, Lynx Swimsuit Calendars, Peppermint Magazine, Gabby Bernstein’s, The New Daily, Tiny Buddha, Your Zen Life and more. Her uplifting approach to health and fitness has inspired women around the world to eat better, move better and feel better.

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