How To Deal With Social Media Haters

In the age of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and the million other social media channels we use to connect to each other, now more than ever are we expressing ourselves on a daily basis. Not only that, we’re essentially broadcasting ourselves to the entire world and beyond.

So it makes sense that amongst all the sharing, we won’t always be greeted with positive responses. In fact, we’re probably faced with more negative responses than if we stayed off social media all together.

For me personally, I thought I was pretty adverse to criticism from my years of acting. There’s always something that can be said about your talent, how you look etc etc. But even when I began my online business and blog, I was faced with strangers disliking me for weird reasons like hating cats (I still don’t like them…sorry cat lovers).

And there’s always going to be someone who has something to say that isn’t nice.

So how do we deal with the haters?

Ok, let’s face it, reading a negative comment about yourself never feels good. It’s a bit like a kick in the teeth. Why can’t everyone just love you the way you are, right?

Unfortunately, not everyone will like you. And that is a truth fact.

For whatever reason, it could be how you look, how you communicate your message, the images you post, anything really. The thing is you’ll never really know the reason why. You don’t know the person on the other end of that negative comment. You don’t know what’s going on in their personal lives, what their beliefs are, why they chose to comment specifically about or to you that day.

My best advice is always to take comments like that with a grain of salt.

Remember your own truth, stick to it and get on with your life as usual.

I know it’s probably easier said than done, but at the end of the day, any comments people make about you are more of a reflection of their own beliefs. Take my hater with the cats, she probably really loves cats and was offended that I don’t like them. And that’s fine!

People will have different beliefs about things and they’re not all going to be the same as yours. That’s really all it is!

If you don’t want to receive negative comments at all, limit your social media use. Really, you want to make sure that you feel safe and good about yourself. Not the other way around!

I’d love to hear from you.

What has been your worst social media experience and how have you dealt with it?

Rachel x


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About the author : Rachel Huxtable

Rachel was named a “health guru” by The New Daily, and is a pilates trainer and health and fitness expert. She has been featured in the Australian Swimsuit Calendar, Pumped Up Down Under, Lynx Swimsuit Calendars, Peppermint Magazine, Gabby Bernstein’s, The New Daily, Tiny Buddha, Your Zen Life and more. Her uplifting approach to health and fitness has inspired women around the world to eat better, move better and feel better.

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