My Fit Body Transformation

Most people just assume that I have always been fit and healthy, when in reality I only consciously began my journey in 2012.

Being a ‘fit body’ is not something that just happens overnight, which is why I like to refer to it as a journey rather than a destination.

Living a fit and healthy lifestyle is something you ‘do’ everyday not something you just achieve.

My own journey is not something I’ve really documented on my blog but definitely something that I’ve been tracking over the last few years.

In 2015 I decided that I wanted to establish even better eating habits and a fitness routine so that being fit and healthy was just normal to me.

For me, setting this goal was more about establishing a better everyday routine to compensate for any drops in my metabolism that I might experience as I get older *Did you know that from the age of 25 your metabolism slows 2-4% each year?

I’ve always been a relatively slim person, an ectomorph body type that generally finds it difficult to build muscle, however I would say I was ‘skinny fat’. Although seemingly slim, I carried a lot of body fat and not a lot of muscle.

I also was never really a ‘fit person’. Growing up I wasn’t particularly interested in sport or any other type of physical activity. So for me, becoming a ‘fit person’ was not something that I felt familiar with. It seemed like it would be difficult and part of me believed that maybe my body just wasn’t meant to do anything too ‘fitnessy’.


Since 2012, I had been progressively cleaning up my nutrition and working out what macro combination best worked with my body. I also completed my certification as a nutrition consultant and coach to help others do the same. (See my Fit Body Nutrition Program here if you want to lose weight, eat cleaner and get leaner!)

I was already doing some physical activity, mainly yoga classes and beach walks, which I had been doing on and off for about two years. Then I started to add in some bodyweight workouts. I loved these because I could do them at home, they were only about 20 to 30 minutes long so they didn’t seem too difficult and I could choose when and where I did them. These kinds of exercises don’t require a gym or weights and gets you strengthening those muscles using your own body weight – many of these were also pilates based fitness which I love!

I worked this up to about 3 times a week.

By this time, I had also been introduced to reformer pilates when I was visiting California and I fell in love! I couldn’t believe how much it hurt so good after my first private session.

When I got back to Melbourne, I found a way to incorporate these into my weekly routine and began to do a few classes a week.


I continued my pilates classes and because I loved it so much, I went on to become a qualified pilates trainer and began training my own clients.

My body started to become leaner and more toned and I felt stronger and stronger the more I trained.

As Joseph Pilates says…

In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, in 30 sessions you’ll have a new body.


By the start of this year, I wanted to take my training to another level by setting the goal of training between 5 and 6 times per week. I was already averaging about 3 or 4 workouts a week, but I felt that I could further discipline myself. Plus, moving my body always made me feel dang good!

I also began to introduce more weight training workouts. Up until now, I had really just been doing pilates which was awesome but I also wanted to build even more lean muscle. As soon as I began this, I felt even stronger and noticed an even greater difference in my physique.

This year so far, my body fat percentage has dropped further whilst my lean muscle mass has continued to increase. My body shape has changed to definitely a leaner and more toned version – although just so you know, my weight has stayed relatively the same (which also aids in proving that the weight on the scales is not really a comprehensive way of determining your progress).

I have also recently just began to add in some cardio training. This is not something I have previously focused on, but I was looking for some added challenge in an area that I hadn’t had much experience in.

If you have been following me, I have been working on my mile run time. I began at 10 minutes and 50 seconds and am currently sitting at around 8 minutes and 50 seconds (all this progress in only a few short weeks). My goal with my run is to get it between 7 and 8 minutes.

I still have other physical goals that I want to achieve the rest of this year and into the new year, and I’m really excited to continue to share those with you on my blog – stay tuned!

The best thing about all the things I’ve shared with you is that I LIVE A SUSTAINABLE HEALTHY AND FIT LIFESTYLE.

I’ve never had to go on some crazy restrictive diet or excessive exercise regime.

Everything that I’ve incorporated into my lifestyle are sustainable, manageable and liveable! (even my nutrition program – check it out here).

But now, it’s time to hear from you! 

Tell me about your fit body journey?

What inspires and motivates you to become a better version of yourself?

And what fit goals do you currently have for yourself?

Share your comments in the box below.

Much love,

Rachel x

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About the author : Rachel Huxtable

Rachel was named a “health guru” by The New Daily, and is a pilates trainer and health and fitness expert. She has been featured in the Australian Swimsuit Calendar, Pumped Up Down Under, Lynx Swimsuit Calendars, Peppermint Magazine, Gabby Bernstein’s, The New Daily, Tiny Buddha, Your Zen Life and more. Her uplifting approach to health and fitness has inspired women around the world to eat better, move better and feel better.

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