Why Being an Entrepreneur is the New Black

When I first started years ago, doing the ‘out of the norm thing’, I don’t think being an entrepreneur or a creative was as sexy as it is now. NOW, we have a whole generation of Gen-Yer’s who know that it’s utter crazy balls to sit in an office all day long, 5 days a week, 48 weeks of the year. (Unless you LOVE it – my guess is most people don’t! – purely subjective opinion).

Now we know that there’s a better way!

Now we know that if you want to go for brunch 6 times a week (like I have this week), you damn well can!

So why is being an entrepreneur the new black?


We finally live in an era where it’s so easy to connect with people around the world. If you want to sell your products or services, you have a voice to do that via the wonderful world of the internet. You now have access to people you normally would never have the chance to connect with in person. But at the click of a mouse, there you are, right in front of their face!


Yes, I made up a word. It’s nooby to be an un-dreamer. And why would you when you could live your dream life? For me, being an entrepreneur allows me the freedom to create the exact lifestyle I want to live. Wake up late, go to brunch with my love, walk along the beach, work when I want, where I want. Most of the time that’s at my beautiful desk, because I have a fab view of the ocean – but if the mood strikes me, I can travel all the way to my living room couch, my bed (only on the odd occasion seeing as I have a limit on media devices being in the bedroom), if I’m feeling adventurous, my local cafe or even half way across the world when I’m travelling!

Pretty damn nifty I think. And that’s because I decided a long time ago, in fact I don’t even really think I decided, it was just a sort of inherent quality in me that I was never going to live that whole corporate life. (Tried it once, HATED IT!).

Don’t be a noob. Follow your dreams!


I’ve noticed that our generation is pretty awesome. We’re pretty socially aware, we’re concerned about what’s going on outside our little bubbles, and we want to CHANGE THE WORLD!

Like Ghandi says;

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Entrepreneurs have vision. They have BIG VISIONS. They want to use their life as a vehicle through which to create MASSIVE CHANGE in this world. And if anything, leave it a better place than when they were here. Now to me that’s a pretty awesome thing. Being courageous enough to dream, create and inspire others is the mantra of my entire life. The world needs leaders to help others be inspired to create their own change. Whether that’s within their own homes and families, their local communities, their state, country or even the world – every positive change is helping everyone on the planet. Think of the butterfly effect. Entrepreneurs are NEEDED!

So I bet you’ve either been thinking about starting your own venture, or maybe you’re ready to make a shift into your own dream life? Perhaps you’re a newbie entrepreneur who has just put one leg into that sexy black dress. Wherever you are, you’re doing good kid!

Keep going!

Keep dreaming!

Keep making the world a better place!

Keep living your dream life!

And keep serving the world with your unique talents and gifts!

Much love,

Rachel X


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About the author : Rachel Huxtable

Rachel was named a “health guru” by The New Daily, and is a pilates trainer and health and fitness expert. She has been featured in the Australian Swimsuit Calendar, Pumped Up Down Under, Lynx Swimsuit Calendars, Peppermint Magazine, Gabby Bernstein’s HerFuture.com, The New Daily, Tiny Buddha, Your Zen Life and more. Her uplifting approach to health and fitness has inspired women around the world to eat better, move better and feel better.

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  1. Sophie - December 4, 2014 Reply

    Agree with you so much on all these points. It seems crazy to me that so much of the world is still going about things the old way. They are noobs haha! Sexy entrepreneurs unite.

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