How To Stop Stress From Affecting Your Body

How does stress affect our bodies? And how do we stop stress from having a negative impact on our bodies? Our bodies are constantly exposed to a variety of stressful conditions, whether that is an external environment factor like a traumatic experience, pollution, chemicals etc, or internal stress like an unhealthy diet of excess sugar, […]

Soul Food That Will Change Your Life

Health and happiness doesn’t just mean working out and eating well. We want to make sure we’re practising healthy mindful habits to feed our souls too. I’m a big fan of habits. WHY? Because habits are the foundation on which we live our lives. It might not seem obvious, but those things you do automatically […]

How To Get Yourself Motivated To Take Action

You’ve had this great big dream and it’s SUPER exciting. BUT for whatever reason, you’ve done absolutely nothing about it. And when you look back, you’re in exactly the same spot you were 12 months ago. No closer to your dream and feeling unmotivated as ever. Maybe you’re saying stuff to yourself like… I don’t […]

How To Deal With Social Media Haters

In the age of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and the million other social media channels we use to connect to each other, now more than ever are we expressing ourselves on a daily basis. Not only that, we’re essentially broadcasting ourselves to the entire world and beyond. So it makes sense that amongst all the sharing, […]