My Fit Body Transformation

Most people just assume that I have always been fit and healthy, when in reality I only consciously began my journey in 2012. Being a ‘fit body’ is not something that just happens overnight, which is why I like to refer to it as a journey rather than a destination. Living a fit and healthy […]

Is Your Nutrition Affecting Your Sex Life?

Do you feel a little uncomfortable in your body? Are you feeling bloated, sluggish and just generally ‘blah’? So when it comes to ‘sexy time’ you want to hide under the sheets and stay covered up. The last thing you want is someone getting close to you…or see you…let alone touch you. GREAT! Because, hello…you’ve […]

How To Run A Mile When You’re Not A Runner

So to begin…I’m not a runner. Running to me had always seemed like trudging through mud. So to run a mile, which in Aussie terms is 1.6kms never was something I was particularly interested in (even though it’s really not that far!). I used to dread this run back in high school when our P.E teachers […]

How To Stay Vacay Fit

When you’re on vacay, it can be hard to stay healthy when you’re surrounded with good food, drinks, friends and sunshine. And for some reason a cocktail (or five) by the pool just works, right?  Some of you may have been following me on my awesome Bali vacay, so I thought I’d share my top […]

Get My Plan For Fitness Success

If you’re here, you’re probably a real go-getter. You’re ready to step it up and take your fitness to the next level, right? Awesome! I’m all about constantly learning and growing because I believe that growth equals happiness. So where do we begin? Start by acknowledging where you are right now. So often, we forget […]

How To Deal With Social Media Haters

In the age of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and the million other social media channels we use to connect to each other, now more than ever are we expressing ourselves on a daily basis. Not only that, we’re essentially broadcasting ourselves to the entire world and beyond. So it makes sense that amongst all the sharing, […]