The Must-Have Skill Every Entrepreneur Needs To Have

When I first started consulting several years ago, I originally began working with actors. Whilst I had been fortunate to land myself an agent both in Australia and Hollywood, many of the actors I came across had no idea about how to market themselves. They didn’t know how to get an agent, let alone present themselves […]

How To Build Your Business When You Have No Money

Are you frustrated because you are dying to move forward with your dream, passion and purpose but you don’t know how  when you’ve got a mortgage or rent and bills to pay? I hear this from pretty much everyone that I work with, so don’t worry you’re not alone! And I’ve been there too, so […]

Why Being an Entrepreneur is the New Black

When I first started years ago, doing the ‘out of the norm thing’, I don’t think being an entrepreneur or a creative was as sexy as it is now. NOW, we have a whole generation of Gen-Yer’s who know that it’s utter crazy balls to sit in an office all day long, 5 days a […]