Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

You’re baffled. Stumped. You’ve tired a whole bunch of eating plans and diets but nothing seems to be working. And you’re left with the big question: WHY CAN’T I LOSE WEIGHT?

There are a variety of reasons why you aren’t seeing the results that you’re after, but there are a few reasons that are most common.

You are consuming more than you are expending.

This comes down to simple science. If you are eating more energy than you are using during the day, you will put on weight, or at least not lose any weight. In order to lose weight, you will need to be in caloric deficit to see results.

You have a hormonal imbalance.

Whether it’s an issue with your thyroid, adrenal glands, insulin sensitivities or perhaps even your reproductive system, hormonal imbalances can cause a whole lot of trouble for your digestive system. After all, your body requires each hormone to perform as it’s meant to in order to break down energy properly and use it efficiently. In saying that, a hormonal imbalance should not be an excuse for inaction. Most likely, a hormonal imbalance is a RESULT of a poor diet and lifestyle choices not the other way around.

Your macronutrient balance is out of whack.

Your body requires carbohydrates, fat and protein to function at an optimal level, however if you are consuming for example too many carbohydrates throughout the day, this may be contributing to plateau in weight or excess weight gain. Start to become aware of what types of foods you are feeding your body.

You aren’t exercising enough.

Lean muscle helps your metabolism speed up. If you aren’t actively maintaining or building lean muscle, it’s easy for your metabolism to slow and begin to store energy as fat rather than fuel. The best fix for this is to get moving!

Reaching your happy weight is all about consistent action over time and understanding the needs of your body. Start to address the reasons outlined here and you’ll be well on your way to a happier and healthier you!